i think about this band too much. here's some theories/headcanons that are bouncing around my brain.

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seventh predictions

spg's seventh main album, aptly titled "the seventh," is coming... eventually. see the official announcement for a promo image and a vague faq from the band.

here is a numbered list of my theories, ordered from most to least confidence in them.

  1. it will either be a musical like the vice quadrant (except normal album length this time probably) or a normal album with a few songs at the end that tell a continuous story (like that'll be the way home -> ballad of lily -> airheart from 2c show).
  2. failing that, we'll get a seven-minute captain albert alexander esque story song at the very end.
  3. peter walter vi (six) will play a part in the story. this is obvious, given his keyhole mask is featured in the promo art.
  4. we will get a peter walter vii (seven) in some capacity, whether through blood or adoption.
  5. six's mask is broken in the promo art. i think he will either die, leave, fly off to space never to return... this album will be the last we see of him.
  6. the necrostar will return. this has been hinted at at the ends of both quintessential and 1896. further supported by the green tinting of six's mask.
  7. six will sacrifice himself in some way to defeat the necrostar. maybe using his face radiation in some way, hence the broken mask.
  8. seven will be a trans girl or nonbinary, but still named peter walter.
  9. six will get married/have a love interest. perhaps even... gay?
  10. likely not happening but i want to see the beciles in an album. please. they can team up with the walters against the necrostar?

the hatchy-sam theory

out of all the headcanons/fan theories, this one is the hill i will die on.

the hypothesis: samuel luke (the persona/character, not the real man) was killed and sent back in time to become hatchworth.

the main evidence comes from the lyrics of fancy shoes:

I can see where there may be some confusion, I was once just like you ; we can just stop here, he's admitted it. but of course we won't stop. there is more to decipher here!

Let me tell you a story to clarify the matter, once upon a time a mouse put on some shoes ; this line could be used as an "aha! he said it was a mouse, not sam, so clearly this theory is unprovable!" or you could interpet it like i do, as hatchworth covering up the fact he's telling a story about himself.

Oh my, fancy shoes distract me, I’m in the path of a bus in the middle of a busy street [car crash noises, followed by mechanical tinkering and whirring] ; the mouse (sam), wearing the so-called fancy shoes, is distracted when crossing the street and gets hit by a bus. why, then, is this followed by what sounds like a robot being built?

When everyone's in red, you wear blue / It's just like you to ignore simple truths ; hatchworth being out of place because he's the only bot that used to be human, but ignoring that, and perhaps telling this story as happening to a mouse instead of himself?

from various canon sources, including a song written by hatchy himself, we know that blue matter portals can be used not only to travel through space, but time. (I’ll have you back yesterday!)

and thus, my theory... sam was gravely injured after a car accident. desperate for anything that could save their dear drummer, the bots send him back in time to the smartest person they know: peter walter the first. peter one finds a way to take sam's soul/essence/what-have-you and builds it into hatchworth.

because this theory involves time travel, there are a few other ideas i think are fun to play with.

the no hatchworth timeline. let's say peter one never built hatchworth until sam was sent back in time. that means when sam was sent back "the first time," it created a new timeline where hatchy was built. that also means there is a singular timeline where sam was sent back, but the rest of the bots never know if their plan worked or not.

wouldn't hatchy recognize sam? in canon, hatchworth was sealed in a vault from 1938 to 2012, as his core was leaking radiation and couldn't be fixed. my proposal is that hatchy doesn't remember his true origins, and the other bots don't know about it either. that is, until 2012, when sam has the accident. the other bots send him back, and figure out that hatchy is sam. a few months later, hatchy is released from the vault, having never met sam and therefore has no reason to question his past.

other timeline notes, because there are a few other songs that can (perhaps less solidly, but this is all for fun so who cares) further hint at hatchy-sam.

clockwork vaudeville, commonly introduced during shows as being about the 1956 new pennsyltucky world's fair. the main character of the song is a "young boy" attending the fair with his parents, and watches the robot's show.

a man with a mustache comes up after the performance and asks the boy if he'd like to meet the robots. peter walter i died in 1942, and by process of elimination on the official timeline, peter walter iii was in charge of walter robotics in 1956. and well, there's nothing saying peter three didn't have a mustache.

one of the robots asks if the boy wants to join his robot band and the boy says yes. hm...

commander cosmo means i'm gonna have to talk about the vice quadrant timeline. i'm SORRY i'm obsessed with timeline stuff i can't help it

anyway, there are a few lines from a young-sounding character named sam, who's a fan of cosmo and asks to sign his baseball bat (and also to send the spider demons back to hell). on the vice quadrant timeline, the spider demons attack in 1965. keep that in mind.

sam is sung by hatchworth, and in reality, the name is probably just a little easter egg. however, this is not reality, this is my conspiracy board of hatchy-sam "proof," so we shall disregard that fact.

let's say that sam, the character, is born in 1952. during the '56 world's fair he would be 4 years old. in 1965 he would be 13 years old, and i don't know about you but i feel like 13 is a perfect age to be a obsessed fanboy.

it also makes him 21 years old in 1973, when the robots return from the vietnam war, chassis ruined and in need of repair. perhaps walter robotics hired sam, fresh out of college, because they were desperate for mechanics?

"wait a minute, owl," you might be saying. "he performed at the zoo with spg in 2012, which would make him 60 years old. why's he look young?" blue matter radiation halts aging, as seen with wanda walter in the comics. it's perfectly reasonable for sam to have been 60 years old in 2012.

perfectly reasonable! i swear! i'm so normal about this. it all makes sense. right???