fun facts!

a full list of the trivia from the generator on the shrine home page, separated into categories for easier browsing.

last updated: august 14, 2023

  • the jon has a void in his chest instead of a blue matter core like the other robots
  • zero wasn't originally built for music
  • guy hottie has neither a canon design nor canon pronouns
  • right before the 1950 incident occurred, there were four peter walters living at the manor
  • ravaxis starburner is a descendant of rex marksley
  • captain albert alexander had an adopted daughter
  • the only non-spouse walter without a canon appearance is mark ray (peter five's father)
  • the suspender man's name is mr. gormley
lore & timeline
  • rabbit, the spine, and the jon have served in four wars. upgrade served in three, hatchworth two, and zero fought only in the weekend war
  • upgrade was a hippie during the vietnam war, refusing to fight alongside her siblings
  • the robots tried out being a boy band in 1997 and it failed horribly
  • 'the pulls' was recorded when samuel luke was sick, which is why hatchworth's voice is so low
  • in-universe, 'clockwork vaudeville' was written about the 1956 world's fair in plifterston, new pennsyltucky
  • 'clockwork vaudeville' was the first song the real-life band wrote and performed together in balboa park
  • 'daughter of space' was first recorded as a solo song of david michael bennett's in 2009