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rabbit is the oldest bot by a thin margin. she's loving, stubborn, and completely nonsensical. she often writes songs about her complicated relationship with romantic love, or her frequent malfunctions and stutters.

she was built as a male robot. in 2014, it was discovered that rabbit's original blueprints depicted her as female; she was meant to be a woman all along. media from 2014 and earlier will show her as a masculine-presenting copper automaton, but it's important to still use she/her for rabbit when talking about her pre-transition.

she's played by isabella bunny bennett, the twin sister of david bennett. they both have been in the band since the beginning. bunny does a lot of the band's art. she's a trans woman herself, and her transition lines up with rabbit's.

the spine

the spine was built with a titanium alloy spine. that's his... back-story! he often plays the straight man in the band's bits, unimpressed with his siblings' antics. he has an incredible singing range.

he has the ability to separate his head and spine from his body and slither around like a robotic snake and i think that's something spg fans don't talk about enough.

he's played by david michael bennett, the twin brother of bunny bennett. they both have been in the band since the beginning.


zero, or zer0, is a super friendly bot with a very childlike personality. he was a prototype made from recycled parts of the other bots. his songs have a very soulful, jazzy sound, and his voice is very powerful.

he's played by bryan barbarin, who has been in the band since 2017.


hatchworth is a lovely bot with a literal stovepipe on his head. he's named for the hatch on his chest, which can be opened to reveal a portal. it's mostly used to produce sandwiches.

he's played by samuel luke. he was the band's human drummer from 2010 to 2012, and played hatchworth from 2012 to 2016. he still does art for the band sometimes.

the jon

the jon is a daydreaming art deco bot who always has his head in the clouds. his songs often read as nonsensical or childlike. he's unique in that he's powered by crystal pepsi, and has a mysterious void in his chest instead of mechanical parts.

he's played by jonathan sprague, who was in the band from 2008 to 2012.


upgrade is a pretty pink princess with a tyrant streak. she acts like a sweet younger sister to the other bots.

she's played by erin burke, who was in the band from 2008 to 2011.

peter walters

why is "peter walter" plural, you may ask. that's because the name "peter alexander walter" has been passed down from peter walter i all the way to the current peter walter vi. so there are six peter walters. yes we all know it's ridiculous, that's why it's fun.

peter walter i built all six robots and founded walter robotics back in 1896. he was regarded by the bots as a father figure.

peter walter ii and iii were the twin sons of peter one.

peter walter iv was the son of peter two, and grew up to become an astronaut. his story is told in the vice quadrant album.

peter walter v is the son of peter four's brother. not much is known about him.

peter walter vi is the only son of peter five, and the current boss of walter robotics. after an accident with blue matter, he wears a mask with a keyhole cutout.

walter workers

the walter workers are mechanics/technicians that work for walter robotics. they all have very pale skin and dark blue hair due to exposure to blue matter, the substance that powers the robots.

there have been a few different walter workers throughout the years, but the current ones are walter worker chelsea and walter worker camille, played by the penyak sisters.

they fix the bots' malfunctions during stage shows, and do ballet/dance performances during a few songs.

samuel luke

sam was the band's drummer from 2010 to 2012. he "mysteriously disappeared" after hatchworth started playing with the band.

matthew smith

matt smith was the drummer after samuel luke became hatchworth, but left due to scheduling differences.


note: the next two past members have been kicked out of the band for reasons that may be triggering. i'm leaving the basics of their information here so any newer fan who might stumble upon this page knows what they did. the current band members have made it very clear they don't support these people any longer.

steve negrete was the sound technician for the band's stage shows. he left/was kicked out of the band after michael reed's actions came to light, and made a statement that he'd also slept with fans.

michael reed was a musician for the band. in 2020, he was kicked out of the band after it was revealed he'd taken advantage of underage fans.