howdy! we are the owl system, also known as the owls. we are a plural system that lives in the funky little brain of this website's creator.

so like, what does that even mean?

plurality is the existence of multiple entities in one mind. these 'headmates' are often separate people, with distinct differences just like every other person. think of a brain like a house, and a system is a bunch of roommates living in the house. for more in-depth information and links to other sources, check out

all descriptions, definitions, preferences, etc. listed here are our own personal thoughts. they do not apply to every single other system you might come across.


choose a headmate's name for a little introduction. we have more headmates than listed here, but they'll add their intros if they feel comfortable.


pronouns: they/them, xe/xem
nonbinary, queer aroace
an anthropomorphic dragon

the host, which for us means they are fronting near-constantly. if you've talked to us, you've probably talked to basket.


pronouns: he/they/she, xe/xem
immortal werewolf with robotic eyes

usually fronts when basket gets tired of talking to people. a chill dude.

brian delphi

pronouns: he/him, it/its
nonbinary, mlm
steampunk robot

kind and caring. likes plants and admiring space.

james martinez

pronouns: he/him
nonbinary, aroace
ghost, selkie, fae

keeps us organized and helps with executive dysfunction. has the distinct vibe of a grumpy old man despite being a teenager. nonspeaking.

hey, wait...

how should i talk to you?

the same way you talk to anyone else! the majority of the time, basket is fronting (in control) and you can talk to them one-on-one. if someone else starts fronting and we feel comfortable around you, we'll tell you.

what terms do you prefer?

we prefer the terms headmate and system member. please don't call us alters, parts, facets, etc.

do you get amnesia?

nope! anything one headmate does is remembered by everyone else.

what's a fictive?

a fictive is a headmate derived from a fictional source. they identify as originating from one or multiple sources. this does not mean you can treat them like a fictional character. they are still people, with their own personalities and feelings. their memories may not exactly match the fictional source, either.

what's a syskid?

a syskid (a term we prefer instead of little) is a child headmate. they may act like a child, or may not. we don't talk about most kid headmates in public for privacy reasons.

do you have more headmates than you list here?

yep. only headmates that are comfortable posting their information are listed publicly.

does being plural mean you have DID?

no, we don't. DID is a form of plurality defined by the DSM, but not all plurality follows those rules.

how did you become a system, then?

does it matter?

i think you're faking because ___!

ok. have fun speculating. we'll be over here, not caring that some anonymous internet user thinks they know better than us on how our brain works.