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view the progress of my in-the-works character wiki on its own dedicated update page

nov 15, 2023 ;; howdy, it's been a while! started work on a collection of spg costume references, updated the art gallery, and tweaked a bunch of little things.

oct 29, 2023 ;; added multiple new things to the bookshelf!

sep 10, 2023 ;; updates to the character wiki progress, the bookshelf, and art gallery. lots of small things. first week of the semester...

aug 31, 2023 ;; small update to the bookshelf

aug 14, 2023 ;; the index of the spg shrine how has a little trivia generator.

aug 10, 2023 ;; virtual pet shrine! will be adding to this eventually i promise. also added a "spoiler" box to the links page to hide the wall of button gifs until you click.

aug 06, 2023 ;; added a tiny qwerty to the index to show off whatever my current status is on! also updated the gallery with some new art.

jul 27, 2023 ;; woe. my favorite characters be upon ye. also, i drew a cute little gg the giraffe pagedoll for my spg shrine

jul 24, 2023 ;; the character wiki i mentioned two updates ago now has a dedicated update page to document my descent into madness. tweaked a few other things as well, like adding more folks to the links!

jul 22, 2023 ;; unfiction shrine! and a few new art pieces in the gallery.

jun 28, 2023 ;; birthday update! some more interests added to the about page. most of my coding brain is currently being taken up by a very work-in-progress project: creating a toyhouse-like wiki for all my characters, with full image galleries and written profiles. this won't be hosted on neocities (it's using php! and mysql! i'm learning goddamn mysql!) and is far from being published, but updates here might be sporadic because of this. this site will always stay on neocities though, i love the community here and it's a wonderful host!

jun 21, 2023 ;; steam powered giraffe cover art quiz!

jun 20, 2023 ;; new art, some more links, and updated the hatchy-sam theory with some new headcanons.

jun 11, 2023 ;; new button, and special place for my bff on the links page!

jun 03, 2023 ;; new page in the spg shrine. it's an infodump about my alternate universe version of a parallel universe. yeah spg canon is weird.

jun 02, 2023 ;; shiny new favicon!

may 25, 2023 ;; custom domain babyyyyy! also, the entire site (yes, the entire thing!) is now using 11ty, a static site generator. this makes it a lot easier to update and create new pages. the writing section is now its own subdomain to make it even easier to publish new stuff.

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